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A gal who can go 100 miles on a gallon of gas is accustomed to life on the cheap...

"Freebies" is the place to go for cool free scooter stuff. Some of it may be marginally interesting or totally cool, but can you balk at the price?!?

The DSSC magnet Doll (PDF)


click here to download file

Scooter Icon folder for Macs

click here to download file

Free e-cards from Blue Mountain Arts

P200 Color Wiring Diagram
Click the photo to download PDF

Download a Vespa for The Sims
Look under Objects-> Misc.

Click on the dude
to download a ScooterGal MadLib!

KFC's Colonel on a new Vespa
Click to download a PDF

Play this cool online scooter game

WARNING: Download freebies at your own risk.

Know of other cool freebies? email us!