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Real ScooterGal Story

It Came from the 80's...Katherine A. get's up close and personal with the drummer from Poison.



"Look What the Scoot Dragged In..."


Meeting Rikki Rockett from Poison is seriously one of the coolest things that's happened to me in my life. Along with partying w/Duran Duran (thanks, Maggie) and hooking up w/Ryan. (just a little ass-kissing there) If you'd known me from 5th grade through freshman year in high school, you'd understand. Poison was THE SHIT (along with Skid Row, who are also on the tour--Snake's really nice too and he rides a go-ped, which is hilarious!). So when I heard that Rikki rides a Vespa Rally 180 and had hooked up with the Baltimore Bombshells, Scooter Club the tour before, I had hope. Quinton S. tracked down his email and we worked together to charm him into hanging out with the Chicago Scooter Trash! I talked to him on the phone and got tentative plans set up, which didn't work out on account of his and Brett's bus breaking down about 40 miles west of Chicago... (This setback would also ultimately prevent CC from getting a ride on my scooter. Poor guy: I know he's crushed..)

They eventually arrived and it was off to the hotel to pick up Rikki and go to Scooterworks. Rikki came down with his "guy" Big John. (still haven't figured out if he's a "roadie" "tech" or "big scary guy who hangs out and intimidates people") Rikki gave me a huge hug when he came down from the hotel and we walked around the corner so he could ooh and ah over our bikes. Then we were off like a prom dress! We headed up to Scooterworks (they stayed open late so Rikki could look at bikes). He went through ALL of them before settling on a dark blue ET3. Good-looking body and Hodge got to stay up till 2am rebuilding the engine in order to get it ready for Rikki to ride to Tweeter Center the next day.

We headed over to Chicago Diner after that for some eats, drinks and conversation. Rikki told us funny stories and we tried to entertain him as well. We tried to get Big John to come out but he didn't show.. He ended up going out w/CC and staying up too late and drinking too much. Sounds like what I did Saturday night too! I had to go out to Hillside to see Low Profile play and hang out with my boyfriend.

After dinner we went back up to my house and I gave him a ride in my truck to the hotel. He told me how nice he thought everyone was and I thought that was swell... Before I let him out of the car though, I HAD to make him sign my "Look What The Cat Dragged In" tape cover while explaining to him how dorky I felt by asking him that. No more--I can't handle asking for autographs--I'd rather give them out. ;)

Sunday after waking up too early and driving home from LaGrange, I scrambled to get ready for another Rockett ride.. After figuring out the logistics of getting Rikki's bike to him, we headed back to the hotel. Rikki came down, gave me another hug, kiss on the cheek and then commented, "this is like an affair!" Cute. Anyway, John came down too to check out the scoot Rikki bought and that's when we discussed our hangovers. That was fun. We suited up, hopped on our respective bikes and headed out! The ride was really nice--stopped for gas, then to Portillos for food--really funny considering Rikki doesn't eat meat. We sat around, ate, talked, got a couple more autographs (not me though--I was still feeling like a nerd from the night before!) and then it was back on the road to Tweeter Center.

I'm sure everyone who saw us pull in was thinking "who are the dorks on the mopeds?" until rikki pulled out his identification which ultimately got us parked in the vip backstage area near the dumpsters. that was cool cause the tour busses were there too! NEATO! These busses looked pretty impressive from the outside. I never got my tour like Rikki promised, but maybe next time.. Snake from Skid Row came riding up on his go-ped at one point... "Sure man... 2 days into tour and ya gotta top me...". It's really funny to see a dude with tattoos and multi-colored spikey hair riding around on a go-ped. He told us a couple stories including one about Tommy Lee jumping over someone on a go-ped before he sped away. It was adorable.

We were shown up to a outdoor patio area (after stopping along the way for R to say "hi" to Vince Neil... that was surreal. surreal life, that is... ;) and Rikki went inside to look for coffee. Eventually he came back, with beer, no coffee and I made him show me where the bathrooms are, we sat at catering and talked a little bit while he ate an awesome-looking dessert (damn, weight watchers!!) then he showed me his drums. bright orange with black rally stripes!!

Time for the show! Skid Row rocked, I was busy drinking during Vince Neil but I did hear his set from where I was at--he did the ole Motley stuff-it was good, of course, just not the same... Quinton, Hodge and I snuck up to the way front during Poison which was awesome. Rikki managed to spend half the set making faces at us--that was fun. After the show we went back and waited for him to be done with meet n' greet and his fan club stuff. Some of the guys helped John load up the bike and then we sat around, drank, caused general disturbances until he came out. We said our goodbyes and got ready to leave. He looked like he was gonna cry! (I probably did too, though...) I don't blame him--it's probably rare for him to meet "normal" people who are more interested in hanging out and being ourselves than talking about "the biz". It was nice. He told me to keep in touch, I said he's been added to my drunk dial list and that I'm making him loan me his new ET3 for the all girls rally. It's all good. My favorite thing in the world is making new friends--this one just happened to be in Poison! My 6th grade self is proud as hell of me!

"Nothin' but a Good Time..."

Kathy A. graciously allowed us to use her story. Someone send her a new Posion wallet to replace her well-worn 3 year old one.