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Scooter Season Backpack

What do you take when you go out of town for rallies?

Scooter Rally Season is here!

Each year when the month of April comes around, I start to get a funny twitch that can only signal my excitement for RALLY SEASON. I usually consider the Burgundy Topz's Scootouring to be my first rally of the year. Scootouring is a good old-fashioned campout where Mother Nature only threatens to rain. Unfortunately, this year Mother Nature arrived on time to ruin my chances of attending, so I missed Scootouring. Ultimate-bummer! Since I missed this rally, I have yet to prepare my scooter rally travel bag, which is usually ready to go on a moments notice.

After scootering for six years and travelling to up to a dozen rallies in one season this is what I now pack into my scooter travel pack:

Clothing is an important consideration when packing for a rally. A good pair of comfy jeans are a no-brainer. Yet, my secret weapon for weekends away is a pair of silk long underwear. I purchased mine for less than $50 at Wintersilks, a catalog & Internet retailer. Silk underwear is smoother, thinner and doesn't catch on cotton clothing like the cotton thermal variety. It keeps you warm and comfy and is easily stored in a glove box when not needed. I also keep my pack stocked with a permanent pair of underwear and a bra just in case I forget to pack it before I leave. I'm a little airhead-ish when packing under pressure. I also keep a few pairs of Peds in the bag. Peds are cooler versions of those footy things they give you in the shoe store when you try on shoes. I have been wearing peds since high school and got lotsa flack from my friends who called them Grandma Socks, since I got the idea from my Grandmother-- a world traveler who always wears heels. You can hold a half dozen pairs of Peds in your hand. They take up minimal space, keep your feet dry, keep your shoes from smelling and are a jiff to wash. They dry in a few hours, so you can wash as you go.

Trying to maintain your beauty while living out of a backpack is a serious challenge. I often choose to go makeup-less when travelling, but it's good to keep a balance, so that one doesnt look like a potato. My beauty bag is light: Oil of Olay Daily Facial cloths in a ziploc (just add water- toss when done) Oil of Olay Complete moisturizer (SPF 15, gals!), Cliniques Naturally Glossy mascara (very natural and clump-free), tinted brow-tamer, 2 types of lipstick- one sheer gloss with color, the other a bright matte. The gloss even doubles as a blush. One pot of light, overall eye shadow. Finally, I carry 2 indispensable items: Cottonelle moist wipes (great for cleaning face & hands when at a gas stop or when discovering there's no toilet paper) and Biore Cleansing Cloths (removes any make-up in no time flat!). I also bring a mini hairbrush, several hair bands, a designated tool brush/paste set, a few band-aids and a hotel sewing kit. Don't forget the sunscreen!

There are a few other items that I bring that make my life much easier on the road. Earplugs are something I would never travel without. One night surrounded by several drunk guys camped out on a floor will make you a believer. They may be uncomfortable at first, but are worth it. I keep at least one Luna Bar stuffed into my bag or on my scooter. Nutritious food is often hard to come by, especially in the morning, so I am always comforted to know I have something nutritious. A pen flashlight. I have one that used to belong to my Grandfather. It looks like those pen types used by Marcus Welby in the 60s. It fits anywhere and has saved me many times from sitting down in the wrong Port-A-Potty. My U-Lock also fits into my backpack. Great for locking my helmet to my front wheel. A hand towel. Sometimes the kindest people have the skankiest linens. My hand towel has even been used as a bath towel in desperation. Also good for when you have to hand wash an item of clothing. Roll it in the hand towel, put it on the floor and get stomping. It removes LOTS of moisture and reduces drying time. Feminine items are a must...need I say more?

Are there any cool items that you feel are indispensable for scooter traveling? I've purposefully left out sleeping bags and such, as you may or may not need it based upon where you are staying. If you have any items to add to the list, email us.

Happy scooting!

Did we forget something?

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