ScooterGal Confidential
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Letters from readers...

In this section, we'll share comments from readers. Got something to say about ScooterGal Confidential? Drop us a line! Use the link above to go to The Glove Box for information on how to reach us.

Dear ScooterGal:

I think the ScooterGal Confidential site is great!!!!!

I have 2 scooters. A 79 P200 and a 79 P125. I also have 3 vespa mopeds; 2 1980 Grande and a 79 Ciao. I purchased my first scooter, the P200, almost 2 years ago. Im hooked but at the moment going through withdrawals. The P200 has a throttle sticking problem and I havent really had the time to check it out yet. I hope to have the P125 up an running by next week. Im replacing the front brakes on it this weekend.

I live in Stockton, CA. Do you know any other scootergals in this area? There are a few people in this area that do own scooters but unfortunately there is not a club here.

Ill keep checking your site for new stuff.

from J in Stockton

Dear ScooterGal:

I'm glad to find your site. I found the article on the tool kit very useful and am going to revamp my kit this weekend! I would like to see some how-to articles on fixing and maintaining my Lambretta. Good luck to you. I've got you bookmarked, so I'll be back!

-"On the Lam on the Left Coast"