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ScooterGal Interview

Think you're one bad scooter mama? Try riding coast-to-coast in 12 days like Ashrat did!

SG: How did you get started in scootering?

Ashrat: My boyfriend got my into it. i'm still jelous of his lambretta to this day!

SG: Are you in any scooter clubs?

Ashrat: I am ACiD #055 and also known as AMS Ashrat.

SG: You just finished the 2004 Cannonball Run. Describe what it was like to ride all that way?

Ashrat: After the second day and my flying lesson over the guard rail, it was a great lesson in discipline and pain control. Above and beyond that it was beautiful, challenging, fun like no other kind of scooter fun and I'll never forget it.

SG: Was it odd being the only female in the group? Did you feel a need to prove yourself with the boys?

Ashrat: It was odd. I felt kind of invisible, like I wasn't even there. I didn't feel a need to prove anything because I knew I could win the whole thing. then the boys felt threatened by my aggressiveness and added a rule  to the "no rules" rule, that forced me to stay off the interstate. I wasn't mad or anything. It just proved what I already knew. I could beat them all and they knew it.

SG: What was the best aspect of the Cannonball for you?

Ashrat: Having my boyfriend there with me evey night.

SG: What was the scariest?

Ashrat: When I thought one of the guys did something horrible to Mr. Purple Bear. But I found him safe and sound in the sag wagon.


SG: How did you prepare your bike & yourself for such a long ride?

Ashrat: I took my bike to Motorsport in San Dego and pretty much told Alex to prepare my scoot for a cross country race. So, we talked a bit about what needed to be done, and he handed it over to my engineer Jeff. Personally, all I had to to was change the spark plug a couple of times during the ride.

SG: What's the best part of scootering for you?

Ashrat: Going fast as I can.

SG: How far have you travelled for a rally?

Ashrat: 2400 there, 2400 back for victoria, been there twice: 2001, and 2004...not on scooters

SG: Do you have a "favorite" rally?

Ashrat: Oh most definately! Burgundy Topz's Scootouring. Wouldn't miss that for anything!!

SG: Any advice for novice scootergals?

Ashrat: Stay out of gravel, don't go faster than you're comfortable going. Don't let your boyfriend ride or do anything to your scoot unless you really want him to. Don't worry about those skinny bitches that don't acually ride and hang around scooter boys , you are way better than them, and...ALWAYS use your good common sense.

SG: Do you have any non-scooter related obsessions or collections?

Ashrat: I race motocross.

SG: What is your scooter-related guilty pleasure?

Ashrat: SHAG

Ashrat takes a break from the 2004 Cannonball Run

Ashrat's scooters:
Vespa P200
Bajaj Chetak (owned with boyfriend)

Get the whole story on what happened to each of the nine 2004 Cannonballriders in the Winter 2004 issue of Scoot! Magazine-on sale in mid-November 2004.